Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch Case

Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch case cover with Blathers the owl and K.K. Slider singer dog and Tom Nook

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Safely Stow a Switch

Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch case cover with Blathers the owl and K.K. Slider singer dog and Tom Nook
  • What: Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch Case
  • When: 5 years and up
  • Why: Keep electronics protected
  • Where: Amazon

Love the portability of the Nintendo Switch but want to make sure it stays protected on the go? Did you know you can get a travel case with your favorite Animal Crossing characters emblazoned on the front? Check out the PowerA Protection Case.

PowerA Protection Case for Nintendo Switch on Amazon

This sturdy hard-sided case offers lots of protection for your Nintendo Switch, gateway to your beloved Animal Crossing Island. The tough outer shell keeps bumps and drops from impacting your system, while a flap inside securely fastens to add extra security for the delicate screen. An optional foam insert makes sure it can fit a Switch Lite perfectly. The zippered mesh pocket on the lid can hold gaming cards, and it offers plenty of room for controllers, too. 

Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch case with Blathers, K.K. Slider Tom Nook Timmy and Tommy Nook Isabelle and
Our Animal Crossing case has kept our console safe for months.

We’ve had our case for more than a year and it’s never let our Switch come to any harm. If your kids also like to take their Switch gaming systems over to friends’ homes to play together, or you just want a safe place to keep your Switch gear together, consider getting a travel case.

Our case doesn’t have the zippered mesh pocket but still keeps everything neatly tucked away.

Have more than one Switch console in your household? The same case comes in Zelda, Mario, and even Pokemon themes, so there’s something sure to please every player.

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