Farm Toys Set

Kiddie Play Farm Toy Set milking cows dairy hay bales signs and milk tank wagon

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Milking the Farm Fun

Kiddie Play Farm Toy Set milking cows dairy hay bales signs and milk tank wagon

  • What: Kiddie Play Farm Toys Set
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Detailed, compact, affordable
  • Where: Amazon

Got a farmer in the making in your household? Want a complete farm set your child can enjoy for months to come? Whether your little one loves farms, barns, or all the farm equipment, the Kiddie Play Farm Toys Set will bring them tons of delight.

Kiddie Play Farm Toys Set on Amazon

This set, made for dairy farms, comes with 25 different pieces for kids to enjoy. A tractor can pull either the milk tank or the cattle wagon. Load the two cows, two horses, or one goat onto the cattle wagon to get them where they need to go. Time for milking? The cows slot perfectly into the milking station with room leftover for one of the two farmers to supervise. Four fence panels, two farm signs, a wheelbarrow, a tree, four bales of hay, and two milk cans complete the scene.

Kiddie Play Farm Set with blue carrying case
This set comes with a variety of pieces to fill out their farm dreams.

All the molded plastic pieces come tucked inside a blue plastic carrying case. It makes for simple cleanup and easy storage. All the pieces fit easily back inside, so kids can put their own toys away.

Kiddie Play Farm Set packed into blue plastic carrying case with clear front
All the pieces in this set fit back into the blue plastic carrying case with a clear front.

My son has had this set for years and still enjoys all the pieces. He has augmented it and mixed it with a variety of other farm sets, including John Deere tractors and other pieces. He likes to keep his collection inside the carrying case, whose clear front panel allows him to see the contents without opening the case. He has no trouble operating the simple latch closure that keeps everything secure.

Kiddie Play Farm Set tractor farmer milking stand with cow
This set can be easily mixed with other farm toys.

Whether you want to start their collection off with a great variety of pieces, or add to a growing farm collection, this set will go the distance to keep kids happily farming.

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