Plush Kid Robes

Arctic Paw Plush Fleece Beach Cover Up Robe unicorn hood with rainbow horn pink robe

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Surround Them With Softness

Arctic Paw Soft Plush Fleece Beach Cover Up Robe for kids pink unicorn with rainbow horn

  • What: Arctic Paw Plush Kid Robes
  • When: 12 months to 14 years
  • Why: Affordable, comfortable, super soft
  • Where: Amazon

Does your child hate getting dressed? Want to keep them warm and snuggly year round? Perhaps they don’t like bathing because they can’t stand being cold when they finish. If you want to keep your child super snuggly year round, try Arctic Paw Soft Fleece Cover Up.

Arctic Paw Soft Plush Fleece Beach Cover Up on Amazon

Each robe comes with a fun animal theme, complete with hood, so kids can be warm while wearing their new favorite robe. Choose from unicorns, sharks, dinosaurs, and more in this soft, brightly colored fabric that feels delightful next to the skin. Two large front pockets will hold anything kids want to keep close, while the coordinating belt makes sure the robe stays in place.

Child wearing pink unicorn Arctic Paw
It turns out my kids aren’t the only ones who love these soft robes. The pets adore them, too.

These robes come in four sizes, small, medium, large, and extra large. The biggest one can fit a child up to 14 years old, so you can get lots of wear out of these cozy cover ups. Use the included size chart to determine what size will work best for you, depending on if you want the robe to hit above or below the knee.

We have one of each type of Arctic Paw robes, and both are super soft.

Want more pattern choices for bigger kids? Try Arctic Paw Bath Cover Ups for even more fun patterns, colors, and options. These robes go up to size 12, and have the same great hoods and pockets as the Beach Cover Ups.

Whether you’ve got a trip to the pool or the beach in your future, or you just want to keep your child cozy at home, there’s sure to be an Arctic Paw Cover Up your child will love to wear.

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