Family Trip Essentials: Pack-It Cubes

Eagle Creek Pack-It Cubes in orange, green, blue floral print, and red colors and patterns

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Simple Solutions for Suitcases

Eagle Creek Pack-It Cubes in

  • What: Eagle Creek Pack-It Cubes
  • When: Going on family trips
  • Why: Simplify packing, wide age range, multiple uses
  • Where: Amazon

Each day we highlight one item we used extensively during our trip, from entertainment to necessities like food and water. Our three kids, at ages 11, 9, and 7, now pack their own travel entertainment bags and their clothes as well. Some items, therefore, were chosen entirely by the kids, while some we packed to make our lives easier.

No matter how long our journey, we never fail to bring our beloved Pack-It Cubes from Eagle Creek. We never leave home without them. At this point, we have a set for every member of the family, each in a different color or pattern. That makes it super easy to keep track of everyone’s clothing, even for a big two week international escapade.

Eagle Creek Pack-It Cubes
We have different colored cubes for each member of the family.

For this trip, we handed out the Pack-It cubes to each of our three kids, and let them pack. Once they finished, we checked to make sure they had seven of everything necessary: tops, bottoms, underwear, and socks. They also packed pajamas and swim clothes. We set aside one set for wearing during travel, and another set went into its own Pack-It Cube to carry on board with us in case of unexpected travel delays or unfortunate incidents. (One time my oldest son dumped a large quantity of syrup all over himself before our flight.) Everything else went into their individual cubes.

Eagle Creek Pack It Cubes and folder set in bright red orange
You can get a variety of shapes and sizes from Eagle Creek.

Once packed, all the cubes, including our own, got tossed into our two large checked bags. Upon arrival, we had no trouble distributing the cubes to the correct person. Every member of the family unpacked to their liking at our rented apartment. When we took a small side trip, we once again had the kids pack the appropriate amount of stuff into their cubes, and tossed them all into a bag, making packing a breeze even during our trip.

Eagle Creek Pack-It Cubes set of three cubes in small, medium, and large
These cubes come in multiple different sizes and types, and can be purchased individually or in sets.

These cubes have stood up to overstuffing and general abuse for years. I’ve yet to replace a single one. We use them for everything from camping trips to road trips to international flights. They come in multiple sizes, so even though my oldest has aged ten years since our first international trip together, these cubes still have no trouble handling everything we need for the journey. And should they ever break down, we feel confident Eagle Creek’s lifetime guarantee will replace them at no cost to us.

If you want a packing system the entire family can use for any occasion, simply pick your favorite color, pattern, and size from Eagle Creek’s selection of Pack-It Cubes.

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