Family Trip Essentials: Complete List

Family three kids on sidewalk pulling suitcases into airport

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Everything in One Place

Family three kids pulling suitcases into airport

  • What: Complete list of family trip essentials
  • When: Going on family trips
  • Why: Make life easier
  • Where: At home

Each day we highlighted one item we used extensively during our trip, from entertainment to necessities like food and water. Our three kids, at ages 11, 9, and 7, now pack their own travel entertainment bags and their clothes as well. Some items, therefore, were chosen entirely by the kids, while some we packed to make our lives easier.

Now, at the end of the series, you can find all the topics from our Family Trip Essentials Guide in one place. Looking for our favorite snacks to pack? Maybe you want to find the best packing system. If your next trip involves travel and kids, check out these great resources to make packing and vacationing simpler and focus more on fun.

Child reading Rick Riordan book in airport lounge before flight


Seven year old in airport lounge with Nuk Hard Spout Sippy cup in orange with polka dots


Seven year old boy pulling JetKids BedBox through airport with Nuk hard spout sippy cup in backpack pocket


Seven year old boy using chalkboard crayons at airport lounge


Three kids sitting in back seat of car one listening to MP3 player while napping


Four year old and two year old children in back seat of car riding in car seats snacking out of BYO neoprene polka dot snack bags

If you have younger kids and want more recommendations for infant and toddler gear, check out these posts:

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