Splash Pool Reboot

Family Splash pool with ten and eleven year old kids playing with inflatable balls

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Super Summer Fun for the Whole Family

Family Splash pool with ten and eleven year old kids playing with inflatable balls
  • What: Splash Pool with Bench
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Affordable, lots of room, easy to set up
  • Where: Amazon, Target

Last summer, in the midst of a big heat wave, I splurged on this oversized splash pool for our family. With the kids at ages ten, nine, and six, we had finally graduated from our beloved Crab Wading Pool. Though they were happy to squish into the toddler sized pool, a lot of squabbling always ensued. So I spent $40 and figured if the new inflatable pool didn’t make it through the summer, we’d still get our money’s worth out of it. 

My kids set up our splash pool almost entirely by themselves.

At the end of summer, we diligently packed it away for the offseason. Until now. Last week, temperatures here finally warmed up enough (and my kids were out of school) that my kids wanted to whip it out again. This inflatable pool makes set-up so easy my kids did it with minimal help from me. We did use a pump to inflate it, making the entire process go much faster. They filled it with the hose and proceeded to have a great time cooling off.

Ten year old child sitting on splash bool bench
The bench gave them an area to sit without getting totally wet.

The bench gave them room to sit down without being fully immersed in the (very cold) water. But the seven foot diameter gave my older kids plenty of room to splash around. We set it up on our brick patio. And while we had lots of room to move inside the pool, it also didn’t take up all our outdoor space. They used the built-in cup holders to hold water toys, and spent lots of time hopping in and out with ease over the low sides.

Our pool wintered in this box in our unheated garage.

If you want an easy way to keep everyone cool this summer, you can’t go wrong with this inflatable splash pool.

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