Binoculars Bonanza

Obuby binoculars at baseball game

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See Anything Up Close and PersonalObuby binoculars for kids in orange

  • What: Obuby Kids’ Binoculars
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Affordable, durable, versatile
  • Where: Amazon

If you’re an avid Practically Apparent reader, you may recall our big summer trip to Yellowstone with all three kids last summer. (Side note: boy are we glad we made the trek last year, since part of the park remains closed due to flooding.) I bought three sets of Obuby Binoculars for the kids to use on our trip, and they did not disappoint.

I’m extremely pleased to report we’ve gotten even more use out of these kid-friendly binoculars. Even if you don’t have any visits to national parks or smaller hikes planned with kids, you can still get lots of mileage out of these great sturdy binoculars.

Child wrapped in puffy blanket using Obuby binoculars at baseball game in stadium
My seven year old using his Obuby binoculars at the baseball game.

We’ve used ours multiple times in the last couple of weeks. From watching my daughter’s ballet recital, to attending major league ball games, the kids have enjoyed the close-up view these binoculars provide. They are light enough that my kids can carry their own, or I can toss them all in a bag and hand them out upon arrival. They adjust easily and the bright coating keeps them safe from drops and other accidents. These binoculars also give their hands something quiet to do when they have to sit for long periods of time. 

Eleven year old boy at baseball game using camouflage Obuby
My eleven year old also loved having his binoculars handy.

They also work great for fireworks shows and other events where you can’t or don’t want to get too close to the action. The 8x zoom makes kids feel like they have front row seats, with none of the expense or crowds. If you want to delight your kids indoors or out, get them their own set of Obuby Binoculars.

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