Mobius Sphere

Mobius Sphere puzzle ball fidget toy on shelf at Target

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Colorful Puzzle Wrapped in a Ball

Mobius Sphere puzzle ball fidget toy on shelf at Target

  • What: Mobius Sphere Fidget Puzzle
  • When: 4 years and up
  • Why: Entertaining, lightweight, wide age range
  • Where: Amazon

Got a kid who loves to fidget? Want an easy toy you can take with you to keep kids entertained at restaurants, family events, and more? Grab your own Mobius Sphere.

CuberSpeed Rainbow Ball Puzzle on Amazon

This ball-shaped puzzle has twelve holes and eleven brightly colored balls tucked inside. Each hole has a coordinating colored ring. Scramble all the balls, then try and get the matching color back in the correct hole by pushing the smaller balls around inside the sphere.

The sponge material on the inside helps make this toy great for quiet entertainment on airplanes, at restaurants, and anywhere you need entertainment on the go for little ones. Kids or adults can take turns mixing up the inner colored balls, and kids will love the satisfaction that comes from moving the balls around and correctly solving the puzzle.

Adult at outdoor restaurant table mixing up Mobius Sphere ball fidget toy puzzle
These fidget toys make great entertainment while waiting at restaurants and many other places.

During our recent trips, the kids got gifts from relatives. One of the biggest hits was this fidget sphere. We used it for the duration of the trip, from long car rides to family visits to wedding receptions, meals at restaurants, and more. All three kids love it, and the adults had fun trying to scramble it and figure it out as well. It weighs very little and fits easily into bags and backpacks to keep kids busy and entertained almost anywhere.

If you’d like a fun fidget toy that can go anywhere, get your own Mobius Sphere.

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