The Bad Guys New Books

The Bad Guys graphic novels by Aaron Blabey Cut to the Chase and In They're Bee-Hind You

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More Fun from Your Favorite Bad Guy HeroesThe Bad Guys graphic novels by Aaron Blabey

  • What: The Bad Guys New Books
  • When: 7 to 10 years
  • Why: Fun, easy to read
  • Where: Amazon

I’m behind the times. My kids adore The Bad Guys graphic novels. They’ve read each installment multiple times, and all three kids, at ages seven, ten, and eleven, enjoy these stories. But did you know two new books came out in 2021? Now kids can enjoy The Bad Guys Cut to the Chase and The Bad Guys in They’re Bee-Hind You.

The Bad Guys Cut to the Chase on Amazon

These two additions bring the total number of books in the series to fourteen, with two more releases scheduled this year to make 16 books. If you haven’t met The Bad Guys, these animals with a bad reputation, like sharks, snakes, piranhas, and wolves, band together to change people’s perceptions. Each selection in the series features them teaming up to fight evil. 

The Bad Guys in They’re Bee-Hind You on Amazon

The latest installments follow the same format. Both graphic novels feature kids’ favorite bad guys in new adventures. In Cut to the Chase, the Bad Guys enter an alternate universe thanks to a mysterious doorway. Follow them as they try to navigate new rules and old enemies. In They’re Bee-Hind You, the fabulous band of friends must make their way to the basement to escape yet another predicament. Sounds easy, but they encounter lots of obstacles and surprises along the way to keep kids turning the pages.

If your kids love The Bad Guys, then make sure to grab these latest installments and get ready for even more fun when the next book gets released.

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