Colorbasket Bike Basket

Pink colorbasket bike basket with pink helmet inside attached to bike

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Easy On, Easy Off

Colorbasket bike basket tag
  • What:  Colorbasket Bike Basket
  • When: 5 years and up
  • Why: Durable, versatile, affordable
  • Where: Amazon

Has your kids outgrown their bike lately? Maybe they just need an upgrade from their light up basket. If they want a bike basket that can hold all the things older kids need and want, grab a Colorbasket Bike Basket.

Colorbasket Mesh Bottom Lift Off Basket on Amazon

These generously sized baskets come in five colors sure to please kids and match almost any bike color scheme. Each one comes with a handle and can be easily removed to take items along after the bike ride ends. The wire makes it easy to see all the contents, and it can hold helmets, backpacks, water bottles, and much more. A finer mesh around the bottom ensures that small items don’t fall through the gaps.

Pink colorbasket bike basket with pink helmet inside attached to
Colorbaskets install easily on most bikes.

The locking handle makes the basket stay attached to your bike, whether you’re riding or taking it along via a bike rack. To remove the basket, rotate the basket handles to the upright position and voila! Simple installation instructions make this basket a breeze to install on most handlebars. And the lightweight basket won’t weigh kids down.

Colorbasket bike basket
Laying the handles flat locks the basket in place on bikes thanks to this clever design.

The water and fade resistant material means these baskets are built to last. They have no problems getting wet, or handling wet cargo like towels, bathing suits, and more. The rust-resistant coating makes it easy to clean as well. This basket can hold up to 11 pounds of cargo, wet or dry.

If you want a basket that can go the distance, get your own Colorbasket Bike Basket.

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