Eagle Creek Cargo Hauler Suitcase

Waiting for train at underground station with luggage including JetKids BedBox and Eagle Creek Cargo Hauler Wheeled Duffel suitcase

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Backpack, Duffel, and Rollaboard in One

Eagle Creek Cargo Hauler Rolling Duffel suitcase 40L in

  • What: Eagle Creek Cargo Hauler Wheeled Duffel
  • When: 10 years and up
  • Why: Durable, versatile, lifetime guarantee
  • Where: Amazon or Eagle Creek

Our kids keep growing. So for our eleven-year-old son’s latest weeklong trip to Grandma’s house, a week’s worth of clothes would no longer fit in his kid’s suitcase. We upgraded to an adult’s carryon suitcase, with all the features we love from our preschool rolling backpacks but tons more capacity thanks to the Eagle Creek Cargo Hauler Wheeled Duffel

Eagle Creek Cargo Hauler Wheeled Duffel on Amazon 

The wheels make it easy for our kid to pull, no matter how full he stuffs it. Paired with a collection of Eagle Creek Pack-It cubes, he has no trouble packing himself for almost any adventure. Sturdy yet padded backpack straps tuck inside a zippered pocket, and remain easily stored out of the way until you need them. The soft sided suitcase has a big zipper that opens the top on three sides, allowing him to cram all sorts of stuff into the main compartment. 

Eagle Creek Cargo Hauler
The main compartment can hold lots of stuff, especially when paired with Pack-It Cubes.

Another zippered accessory pocket has a mesh pocket hidden inside, as well as a key clip. Straps on the outside allow you to attach even more gear as needed. Finally, it all comes packed in a weather and water-resistant material with durable corner guards to keep your stuff protected.

Eagle Creek Cargo hauler
A mesh pocket and key clip inside the top pocket provide even more room for keeping small items handy.

Eagle Creek’s lifetime guarantee makes them one of our favorite brands. This suitcase should last our son for years, well past high school. It fits his bigger clothes, as well as more stuff. We’ve already dragged it halfway across the globe and it performed wonderfully. You can choose from three different distinctive colors in this sturdy wheeled bag that will last for years to come.

Eagle Creek Cargo Hauler
The backpack straps tuck neatly away in a zippered pocket until you need them.

The only downside to buying this bag is now I want one for myself.

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