Ty Teeny Puffies

Ty Teeny Puffies Munchkin tag with August 5th birthday

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Puffballs of Love

Ty Teeny Puffies octopus

  • What: Ty Teeny Puffies
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Adorable, affordable, irresistible
  • Where: Amazon

A few years ago, all of my kids went through a phase of collecting Ty Beanie Boos. These flat, small stackable Beanie Boos captured their hearts and imaginations. They loved looking at each one’s name and trying to match birthdays. After amassing a big collection, they moved on to other things.


Ty Teeny Puffies on Amazon

Until now. We encountered Ty Teeny Puffies and the obsession has returned in full force. These little stuffed animals come in a variety of animal shapes with big eyes, much like all the types of Beanies. But these newest additions feature small round shapes measuring about four inches across. As usual, each one has a name and birthday, and my kids can’t get enough of them.

Ty Teeny Puffies pyramid with unicorns octopus penguin chinchilla and fox
My kids have already gotten quite a collection of these round stuffed animals.

The low price point means my kids can afford to buy their own favorites. They’ve already added to their growing collection, and can spend oodles of time in stores searching through the piles for just the right one. The soft fluffy fur appeals to them, as does the round shape. Made mostly of faces, it can be tricky to tell one animal from another, though my kids seem to have less trouble with that than I do.

Kids in sun hats holding Ty Beanie Boos and Ty Teeny Puffies
My kids fell in love with these tiny round animals.

If you want a tiny stuffed animal sure to bring big smiles, look no further than these Ty Teeny Puffies.

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