IQ Circuit Game

IQ Circuit logic puzzle game for kids

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Connect the Dots to WinIQ Circuit Game 1

  • What: IQ Circuit Game
  • When: 7 years and up
  • Why: Fun, compact, educational
  • Where: Amazon

Love logic games for your kids or yourself? Want a great addition to your single player gaming collection? If you’ve got a kid who needs some extra summer entertainment that will boost their brain activity, try IQ Circuit from SmartGames.

SmartGames IQ Circuit Portable Travel Game on Amazon

Whether at home or on the road, this compact game comes with everything you need to start playing right out of the box. The small plastic case holds all the pieces as well as the instruction booklet, which contains the challenges and solutions. Complete the circuits as pictured to make continuous lines between each set of endpoints to solve the puzzle. Most pieces have two different sides that can be used, while the rectangular pieces offer three possibilities. Choose the correct side of each piece in the right place to fill the case and beat the puzzle.

IQ Circuit logic puzzle game from SmartGames with pieces, case, and instruction and solution booklet
Each piece has at least two different sides.

This simple concept gets much harder. Choose from four different difficulty levels, from starter to wizard. The easiest level shows an outline of multiple pieces in their correct placement, so players have fewer pieces to find and place. The hardest level shows only the endpoints, leaving players to figure everything out for themselves. Kids can build up their skills or try their hand at whatever level they’d like. The booklet contains solutions for all 120 challenges.

IQ Circuit logic puzzle game from SmartGames with challenges shown
Players must place the pieces to connect the circuit as shown in the challenges.

With minimal reading required, this logic game works great for a wide variety of ages. Kids can play solo or team up to solve the problems. 

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