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  • What: Animal Crossing Accessories
  • When: 5 years and up
  • Why: Affordable, useful, cute
  • Where: Amazon

Want to indulge your child (or your own!) obsession with the Animal Crossing video game without adding more screen time? If your child can’t get enough of the Animal Crossing characters both on and off the screen, check out these ways to indulge their love without turning on the TV.

NIntendo Switch Animal Crossing New Horizons Hooded sweatshirt dress and slip on shoes sneakers for kids

Sweatshirt Dress: Sport your favorite characters 24/7 with this sweatshirt dress. It comes printed with a scene featuring some of the biggest names from the island, and the loose fit and hood make it great for a variety of ages. Pair it with legging for colder months or wear it alone to show off enthusiasm for the game even when away from your personal island.

Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch case with Blathers, K.K. Slider Tom Nook Timmy and Tommy Nook Isabelle and Mable

Switch Case: Keep your Nintendo Switch safe on the go thanks to the adorable case. It has room for the main console and two controllers as well as game cards. The sturdy sides decorated with popular residents will help keep your screen protected in transit or when stored.

Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch Controller with Timmy and Tommy next to Timmy stuffed animal

Controller: Go all out and get a controller that features one of several characters from the game. This controller works with the console with a slightly different arrangement of buttons, and uses batteries for power instead of charging cables. 

Cup: Sip your favorite beverage from a cup emblazoned with Animal Crossing logos, characters, or scenes. These whimsical containers make mealtime more fun and also work great for snacks at home or on the go. 

Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing New Horizons slip on shoes sneakers for kids Isalbelle Blathers and more characters

Shoes: Don’t leave home without your favorite friends with these slip-on loafers. If they want to wear their Animal Crossing buddies every day, these shoes work great. Bright colors and lots of different characters make these casual shoes appealing to kids, while the lack of laces helps kids get out of the house quicker.

The Ultimate Guide to Animal Crossing New Horizons magazine front cover

Magazine: This magazine comes packed with info about all the latest news and features. Loaded with illustrations, kids can enjoy soaking in all the Animal Crossing details. Get tips for how to improve your game and learn how to earn more rewards thanks to these fun pages.

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