Glowing Squishy Slime Kit

Creativity for Kids DIY Glowing Squishy Slime Kit in box

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Sensory Slime Science

DIY Glowing Squishy Slime Kit by Creativity Kids
  • What: Glowing Squishy Slime Kit
  • When: 6 years and up
  • Why: Educational, entertaining, screen free
  • Where: Amazon

Looking for some hands-on entertainment for your kid? Want an arts and craft project that really glows? Can’t get enough slime to satisfy their sensory explorations? Get their hands messy with the Creativity for Kids Glowing Squishy Slime Kit.

Glowing Squishy Slime Kit on Amazon

This kit comes with everything kids need to make their own glowing slime. It contains two bottles of glue, a packet of sodium tetraborate to turn it into slime, glowing sand, water beads, a tube, a container with lid, glow in the dark stickers, a pipette, a scoop, and a popsicle stick, as well as instructions. Kids will have no trouble following the steps to make their own slime. Mix up your own batch of slime, and decorate the container while you wait for all the ingredients to mingle. Add the beads to cups of water and let them sit for hours to expand before adding them to the slime. 

DIY Glowing Squishy Slime Kit by Creativity Kids
This stringy slime has water beads and glowing sand mixed in.

The container closes firmly to keep the slime from drying out, meaning kids can return to it many times over to play and explore the texture. Mixing in the glowing sand will make the slime glow as well, and the water beads give it additional dimension and texture. The clear container makes it easy to admire the slime even when it isn’t out. We highly recommend a plastic mat or other easy-to-clean surface for the project. 

My daughter made this slime with her friend, and they both enjoyed the process as well as the result. Kids won’t be able to wait until dark to see their slime experiment light up, though it does need exposure to bright light to glow properly. If you want a fun hands-on project sure to enthrall your child, get them their own glowing squishy slime to create and manipulate.

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