Shark Splash Back

Inflatable shark water play mat splash pad

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Shark Attack for Summer

Inflatable shark water play mat splash pad for kids
  • What: Shark Splash Pad
  • When: 12 months and up
  • Why: Fun, affordable, compact
  • Where: Amazon

Want some summer fun without breaking the bank? Maybe your kids want to cool off, but you don’t want to commit to a splash pool. If you want lots of summer fun in and out of the water, get your own Shark Splash Pad.

Inflatable shark water play mat splash pad
Inflate the shake head in the middle then attach a hose and you’re all set for lots of water fun.

This shark splash pad comes with an inflatable shark posed jumping out of the middle of the splash pad. The hole in the middle makes a great target for kids to toss the included bean bags. Meanwhile, water sprays from along the perimeter of the splash pad to keep them cool while playing. Be sure to inflate the shark before attaching your hose to the splash pad. Then let kids loose to play, splash, toss, and more.

Inflatable shark water play mat for kids
This 70 inch splash pad has plenty of room for multiple kids.

This splash pad easily accommodates three kids. It stores compactly in the offseason and doesn’t take up tons of room when in use or put away. Older kids will have no trouble setting it up themselves, while younger kids can safely play in the inch or so water without any safety concerns beyond a wet surface. Our kids love splashing in this glorified sprinkler together to cool off, and putting the bean bags along the edges to create gaps in the spray.

If you want a splash pad for your kids that has more to offer, get your own Shark Splash Pad and get them outside and having fun in no time.

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