LEGO Rainbow Drawers

LEGO sorted into rainbow colored storage drawers organization for building bricks

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Build an Organized Brick Collection

LEGO Rainbow Drawers 2

  • What: LEGO Rainbow Drawers
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Compact, organized, easy to use
  • Where: Amazon or The Container Store

Got a bunch of LEGO invading your house? Has your child graduated from Duplo to the more numerous (and painful) LEGO? We’ve got good news and bad news. Bad news first. LEGO propagates like bunnies. If your child loves them, they may never outgrow the obsession. So you’ve got lots of years of taming LEGO ahead of you. Good news? They can be tamed, thanks to a set of sturdy rainbow drawers.

Really Useful Eight Drawer Rainbow Tower on Amazon

If you need a way to keep track of all those LEGO, invest in a solid set of rainbow drawers. Most sets come with eight or nine drawers, which will take care of the rainbow of LEGO colors available. At 15 inches wide by eight inches long, these drawers hold lots of bricks while keeping everything visible. While each drawer may not correspond directly to brick color (thanks to the propensity of LEGO to make black and multiple shades of gray), it will give you a wide array. Our set has two pink drawers, one of which holds LEGO figures and accessories, and one of which holds black pieces. We also keep wheels and tires in a bin of their own, as they take up a lot of space. If you want even more options, try the eleven drawer set.

LEGO bricks organized by color into rainbow drawers set out on floor
Our LEGO collection sorted by color into drawers.

When kids have loose pieces, they put them away in the correct drawer. When they want to build, the drawers remove easily and can be transported around the house to supply their dream creations. Once they finish building, simply return the drawer to its place. If you prefer, you can get a set of clear drawers as well.

Sterilite ClearView 3 Storage Drawer Organizer 

Even better, this system works for any age kid. They can easily match the color of the brick to the color of the drawer. Have too many LEGO for one set of drawers? Invest in a second set. Some drawers can even stack, allowing you to go vertical to get more storage without using up any more floor space.

If your kids also can’t be bothered to sort, you can have one bin for all the pieces and creations. Then set aside a time, whether it happens once a week or once a month, and go through the bin to return the pieces to their rightful drawer. But beware. As soon as you replenish the colors, kids will want to pull them all out immediately to build and start the process all over again.

Have fun sorting and may your feet thank you for many years to come!

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