Slip N Slide

Wham-O Wave Rider Triple Lane Slip N Slide set up on grass between sidewalk and street

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Super Splashy Fun

Wham-O Wave Rider Triple Lane Slip N Slide set up on grass between sidewalk and street
  • What: Slip N Slide
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Easy to set up, active, compact
  • Where: Amazon

Do you remember throwing yourself headfirst down a wet plastic yellow tarp within six inches of hard pavement as a child? No? Maybe you didn’t own a Slip N Slide. But these summer water standards are back and better than ever.

Jambo Triple Lane Splish Splash and Slide on Amazon

If you have kids three years and up ready to throw themselves on the ground at any moment, this is the toy for you. You’ll need a soft surface to place the slide on, and a garden hose to connect to it. Once you pull out the hose and the slide, you’re all set! Secure the slide with the two attached plastic stakes to make sure it stays in place while your kids fly around. Then connect the hose, wait for the outer tube to fill and start spraying water, and let your kids loose for tons of water fun.

Wham-O Slip N Slide
This triple lane Slip N Slide is so easy to set up my kids can do it.

You may need to rotate the outer tube to get all three lanes of the water slide properly soaked. While three kids can certainly go down a triple slide at the same time, it works better with two kids, giving them each plenty of room to slip around on their way to the splash zone at the end of the slide. You can get single, double, or triple lane slides on Amazon and most come with a splash pool at the end to ensure kids get soaked. 

Wham-O Wave Rider Triple Lane Slip N Slide set up in sun with kids playing on it
Our three lane slide works great for two kids, and fine for all three.

The included inflatable boogie boards make for a softer landing, but won’t stand up to much use even from smaller, lighter kids. While the slide includes a patch for repairs, your kids won’t wait for that to happen before they want to go again. Luckily, kids don’t need the boogie boards to slide. The setup works much better on an incline, but even a flat surface will do in a pinch.

Wham-O Wave Rider
This summer is the second we’ve used our Slip N Slide.

My only complaint is that the inflatable board colors don’t match the lane colors in our version called the Wham-O Wave Rider Triple Lane Slip N Slide from Amazon. Our slide has red, yellow, and blue lanes, while the floats came in red, blue, and green, making life much more complicated when negotiating who gets what with three kids. Luckily, the boogie boards won’t last long enough to have the arguments multiple times.

If you want an easy to store water slide that packs big fun and will last longer than the summer, get your own Slip N Slide today.

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