Spirograph gears in blue plastic molded slots up close

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Circular Drawing FunSpirograph classic toy set for kids

  • What: Spirograph
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Entertaining, unique, improve writing skills
  • Where: Amazon

Has your child grown bored with the standard summer entertainment? If it’s too cold to splash around in the pool, and they don’t want to read another history book, try a Spirograph Set.

Spirograph Deluxe Art Set on Amazon

These sets come with everything kids need to make fun new designs. Each set comes with toothed gears in multiple sizes. Many include a pad of paper so you don’t even need to rummage up any of that. Simply pick a fine point pen (1 mm or smaller), pencil, or marker, and let them loose.

Spirograph original classic toy for kids gears pen and instruction booklet inside metal case
Each set comes with everything kids need to make gorgeous designs.

Use the gears inside the rings to make patterns and shapes, or let the gear go around the outside of the longer plastic rack pieces for more design options. Add in different color pens and markers for more brightly colored artwork. You can get smaller sets great for traveling, or go for the deluxe version with all the options. Each one comes in a case that contains all the pieces and makes for compact storage. When kids get ready to play again, they have everything they need in one place.

Kids can use the included instructions for basic or advanced designs.

Plus, kids get lots of practice holding writing utensils and working with paper. They can try the different sizes to see what changes each time, and it helps improve concentration, hand eye coordination, and more. These sets make great gifts for kids who love art and design.

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