Kinetic Sand Plus Little Cars

Kinetic sand play set case open with sand molded and Driven Pocket Series little cars inside

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Build Their Driving FunKinetic sand play set case with Driven Pocket Series little cars

  • What: Kinetic Sand Plus Little Cars
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Fun, affordable, compact
  • Where: At home

Does the vroom vroom sound spark joy for your little one? Maybe the feel of sand makes their heart race. If you want a great combination of toys, try integrating Kinetic Sand with Driven Pocket Series Little Cars.

Kinetic sand
The sand and tiny cars fit easily inside the folding case.

These tiny cars have a lot of reasons to love them. The low price point means kids can build their own collection. And the wide variety of vehicles makes them appealing to any child who loves things that go. Even better, the tiny size means they take up minimal room, and work great at home or on the go.

These two types of toys play well together.

The only thing that makes little cars even more fun? Kinetic sand! Bring the beach inside your house with none of the sandy mess thanks to this magnetic play sand. The sand holds its shape even better than most sand. Get a case play set and keep all the mess contained while kids get loads of sensory play. 

Kinetic sand play case toys with Driven Pocket Series garbage truck
Kids can used the included molds or make their own designs.

Put the two together for hours of fun. Kids can drive their vehicles through the sand, build construction sites, roads, and more for their little cars to explore. The kinetic sand will create lots of jobs for the vehicles to do, from towing cars out of trouble to clearing the path. Once kids finish playing, everything stores easily inside the case that comes with the sand, so children can start where they left off next time they want to play.

Kinetic sand play set with Driven Pocket Series cars inside case
These tiny cars work great with this moldable sand.

If you want to thrill the vehicle or sand enthusiast in your house, hook them up with this winning toy combination and let the good times roll.

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