Sun Hat for Bigger Kids

Seven year old child wearing men's Home Proof sun hat in orange

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Shade Their Skin from Summer

Home Proof Wide Brim Men's sun hat in orange

  • What: Home Proof Men’s Wide Brim Sun Hat
  • When: Kids outgrown their sun hat
  • Why: Affordable, adjustable, colorful
  • Where: Amazon

After multiple years, my seven-year-old son has outgrown his sun hat. While it will still go on his head, it won’t fit over his forehead, and doesn’t provide much sun protection. Instead of buying yet another kids’ hat to fit his oversized head, I decided to try an adult hat. Boy, am I glad I did! I purchased the Home Proof Wide Brim Bucket Hat and couldn’t be happier with my selection.

Home Proof Men’s Wide Brim Bucket Sun Hat on Amazon 

I love these sun hats for kids. The wide brim, adjustable string around the crown, and chin strap made it perfect for my kids. So when I found this wide brim adult hat with the same features, I snapped it up. It offers a bigger brim for even more sun protection. It also has a strap to adjust the size of the hat, though we haven’t had to use ours. (My kid has a big head, which probably explains why he got stuck during delivery.) The chin strap keeps the hat from blowing off in the wind or while my child runs and plays.

Seven year old boy
My seven-year-old son wearing his new Home Proof wide brim sun hat.

These hats come in 14 different colors, from red to army green. A band of mesh at the top helps keep kids from overheating even in hot temperatures. The stiff brim keeps them shaded no matter the time of day. It also packs down flat for easy packing. If you prefer a neck flap, the same brand offers a kid’s size hat complete with neck protection. It comes in twelve different shades for even more color choices.

Child wearing men's Home Proof wide brim sun hat in orange
These hats come with an adjustable strap around the crown to fit multiple head sizes.

I like my son’s hat so much I might get one for myself, too. So whether your child is ready for a grown-up sized hat or just needs to refresh their kids’ version, these sturdy hats offer lots of protection at an affordable price point.

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