Crinkle Cat Tunnel

Crinkle Cat Tunnel Leaps and Bounds

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Extend the Pet Fun

Crinkle Cat Tunnel Leaps and Bounds
  • What: Crinkle Cat Tunnel
  • When: Pets need to play
  • Why: Compact, affordable, fun
  • Where: Amazon or Petco

It’s not always about human parents here at Practically Apparent. Sometimes, we like to lavish the practicality and love on our pets, too. If you have a cat, or other small animal who loves to pounce, try a Cat Pop Up Tunnel

All For Paws Collapsible Crinkle Cat Tunnel on Amazon

Plush on the outside, this bright crinkly tunnel pops into shape as soon as you release the three catches. Our Leaps and Bounds Crihnkle Cat Tunnel from Petco measures ten inches across and three feet long, and packs a lot of fun into a small package. Its circular shape delights any animal that can fit inside, from small dogs who love to chase things, felines, ferrets and more.

Leaps and Bounds Crinkle Cat Tunnel in turquoise and orange
Our tunnel extends three feet for lots of room to play.

A dangling toy inside will lure pets into the tunnel, while a round cutout in the middle lets pets peer out. Ours came in bright blue with orange or purple with pink, but you can find tons of colors and fabrics online. The bright colors appeal to kids, even if the pets couldn’t care less about the decor scheme. Or you can get a suede option that looks and feels even more luxurious. 

Leaps and Bounds Crinkle Cat Tunnel
When not in use, this tunnel collapses down flat thanks to three fasteners.

For even more fun, kids and adults can use the round cutout to lure pets in with other toys, from squeaky stuffed animals to feathers on a string and just about anything else that might entice your favorite pets. Or connect a second tunnel to the opening to extend their play. Once you and your pet finish playing, collapse the tunnel and hook the three fasteners through the loops to prevent it from popping back into shape. It stores neatly out of the way and takes up minimal room when not in use.

Of course, that’s assuming that it’s ever not in use. 

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