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Princess canopy bed tent top hung from ceiling

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Fantastic Decor for Kids

Canopy Tent 5

  • What: Princess Bed Canopy Tent
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Roomy, easy to set up
  • Where: Amazon

What comes with yards of fabric, multiple uses, and thrills young kids? Maybe you want to give your child a nook play space without building any walls or sacrificing your closet. If so, check out this Princess Bed Canopy Tent.

Princess Bed Canopy for Kids on Amazon

Transport your child to a world of fantasy thanks to this hanging canopy. It comes complete with a plastic circle with a hook and mounting tape to attach it to the ceiling. Long 60-inch strings at the top mean you can adjust the height to attach the canopy above beds, the floor, and more. A simple wire loop provides all the structure it needs to hang, meaning even if it comes down, there’s no risk of injury to anyone. 

Princess canopy bed tent
This canopy tent comes with everything you need to set it up, including super long strings to attach it.

To set it up, simply tie the strings located at the inner seam of the fabric around the circular wire. Then you’re all set to hang it after you attach the plastic hook wherever you want it. The canopy itself hangs almost eight feet from top to bottom, giving kids lots of fabric to drape and arrange. It works great over twin sized beds or as a stand-alone space.

Princess canopy bed tent top
Tie the strings around the inside of the top circle to the wire to set up the canopy.

My daughter received this for her birthday and adores it. It hangs from the ceiling almost eleven feet above and still reaches the floor with plenty of string leftover to adjust. She put her bean bag inside to make a cozy spot to hang out and read. The dog also can’t get enough of this secluded spot.

Dog on bean bag curled up inside
My daughter is not the only one who loves the space created by this canopy tent.

This canopy works great for sibling rooms to give a child more privacy and separation. It also goes well in the playroom, or to create a small space just for kids in almost any room. This canopy comes in pink, blue with stars, gray, and white, so you can choose the one that best fits your decor or your child’s personality. If you need to take it down, it can be folded and stored away inside a closet, drawer, or underneath a bed.

PInk princess canopy tent set up in child's room
This canopy tent is so long I can’t get it all in one photo.

If you want an easy way to bring more fantasy and cozy space into your house, get your own canopy tent.

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