Glitter Crocs

Crocs clogs orange sorbet glitter color

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Shiny Shoes for Kids

Crocs clogs orange sorbet glitter color
  • What: Glitter Crocs
  • When: 18 months and up
  • Why: Sparkly, colorful, fun
  • Where: Amazon

It’s no secret we love Crocs in our household. Every member of the family has their own pair. We’ve tried water shoes and sandals, and nothing works as great for kids as these easy on and off completely waterproof shoes, perfect for summer or anytime. They last long enough to get passed down between multiple kids, unlike knock off brands we’ve tried. So when my daughter discovered these awesome shoes come in Crocs Classic Glitter Clogs, she snapped them up.

Crocs Unisex Child Classic Glitter Clogs on Amazon 

These sturdy shoes come in tons of bright colors to appeal to kids and adults alike. And they make them in a wide range of sizes. So now that we’ve found the glitter option, we have almost unlimited choices. If your child also likes a little bling on their feet, the sparkly ones come in 16 different colors in kids’ sizes from a toddler size 4 to big kid size 6.

Child wearing orange sorbet color glitter Crocs clogs leaving swimming pool
These glitter clogs work perfectly for the pool, beach, and beyond.

You can buy with confidence knowing these shoes will take you long past the summer months. My kids can often get two or more seasons out of these shoes, depending on how many growth spurts they hit in between. Once one child outgrows them, we pass them along. Thanks to the moveable back strap, they offer an adjustable fit. The strap keeps them tighter for smaller feet, and can be moved forward as their feet grow to keep them in the same shoes longer. We’ve had ours for a couple months and the glitter is still going strong. Even better, these shoes don’t shed glitter all over the house.

Crocs glitter clogs orange sorbet color child's size
Our glitter Crocs still have all their glitter.

You get all the same great features of regular Crocs clogs with more pizazz thanks to the textured glitter coating. Want to match your kid or get your own pair of sparkly water shoes? Great news! They come in adult sizes, too, for older kids and grownups who want a little more light in their shoe life.

Get your glitter on thanks to these sparkly Crocs!

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