Pet Stroller

Paws and Pals Pet Stroller in purple lavender with two ferrets riding inside

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Out and About with Furry Friends

Paws and Pals Pet Stroller in purple lavender with two ferrets riding inside
  • What: Pet Stroller
  • When: Outings with furry friends
  • Why: Affordable, foldable, well ventilated
  • Where: Amazon

I am one of those people who scoffed at pet strollers. Doesn’t a stroller defeat the purpose of getting your pet exercise? And if pets aren’t allowed indoors at places like shops, restaurants and more, how does putting them in a stroller help? But after adopting two ferrets, I’ve converted. If you need a pet stroller for a young, old, or injured pet, we have just the one to recommend. Try the Paws & Pals Small City Walk and Stride Pet Stroller for your furry (or not!) best friend.

Paws & Pals Small City Walk and Stride Pet Stroller on Amazon

This stroller has four wheels and a large space inside for pets to get comfortable. A full shade comes with a peekaboo window complete with a detachable cover, so you can keep an eye on your pet even on the go. A large basket underneath has plenty of room for your bags, groceries, pet supplies, treats, and more. Foot brakes on the back wheels insure the stroller stays parked while loading and unloading pets. It also comes with two cup holders and a tray attached to the handlebars, for extra people comfort, too.

Paws & Pals
The peekaboo window has a cover that can be open or closed. And the stroller comes with a handlebar organizer that includes two cup holders.

Inside, you’ll find a padded mat that removes for easy cleaning. You can also use the hook to attach a leash or collar for extra safety. The stroller has zippered mesh openings at the front, back, and along the canopy, so your pet rides completely enclosed but with plenty of airflow. Choose the entrance that works best for both of you. You can also leave the upper mesh unzipped to let your pet have more freedom of movement and view.

Paws and Pals Pet
All the mesh compartments unzip, so pets can enter through the front, back, or top of the carriage basket.

Once your excursion ends, this stroller folds easily to store. Simply slide the mechanism along either side up to let the stroller collapse. It weighs less than twelve pounds, so you can carry and load it with less effort. It comes in lavender, red, pink, and black. Check the different colors if you don’t care, because we got a significant discount on our lavender selection. Prices change all the time, so it pays to check often.

Paws & Pals pet stroller
This pet stroller folds compactly and weighs less than twelve pounds.

My kids love pushing this stroller, and fight over taking turns. They have two ferrets who can’t get enough outings in it. The stroller pushes easily with two hands and my kids have no trouble getting it over curbs or up and down short stairs. The youngest had some trouble seeing over the top of the stroller at age six, but kids seven and up shouldn’t have any issues. They love being able to see inside the stroller to see what their pets are up to, and the mesh has handled the sharp claws of our tiny pets without a problem.

Kids pushing Paws & Pals purple pet stroller at park
Our kids love taking their pets with them to the park.

If you want a solid stroller that can go the distance with your pet, check out Paws & Pals Walk and Stride.

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