Nerf Bunkr Battlezone

Nerf Bunkr Battlezone inflatable barrier water fights laser tag accessory

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Inflatable Fort Building

Nerf Bunkr Battlezone inflatable barriers fort building

  • What: Nerf Bunkr Battlezone
  • When: 8 years and up
  • Why: Compact, affordable, easy to use
  • Where: Amazon

I don’t recommend Nerf guns. Despite how much my oldest child and all his friends love these guns loaded with styrofoam bullets, I can’t get behind the toys. From the massive oversized arms to the bullets that go everywhere and never biodegrade, these toys make my naughty list.

Our set of four came with three shapes and four colors.

But my son recently purchased Nerf Bunkr Battlezone Inflatables with his own money. Despite my aversion to guns, these inflatable barriers have my approval. Sure, they work great for Nerf battles. But they also make lovely shields for water balloon fights and targets for target practice. My son has even come up with a game without guns to see who can knock over their opponent’s barriers first.

Nerf Bunkr Battlzone Battle Royale Inflatable Fort on Amazon

These inflatables make blowing them up easy thanks to a special large valve that lets air in but not out. When it comes time to deflate, that’s even simpler. Because they take up almost no room deflated, they store compactly. The material stands up to regular outdoor use, from hard surfaces to pokey rocks and sticks. They can be used individually or all together to make a battle ground or form bunkers, and have a lot more open-ended play possibilities than the Nerf guns themselves.

Nerf Bunkr Battlezone
The oversize valves make inflating a cinch. Air goes in, but doesn’t come out until it’s time to deflate.

They come in a variety of styles and colors, from fort to hazardous material containers and more. Get a four pack, a five pack, or get more bang for your buck with the nine pack option. No matter how many you end up with, kids will have a blast creating their own layouts and new uses for these inflatable barriers.

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