Super Wings Plus Magnet Tiles

Super Wings tranformer figure toys inside Magna-Tiles magnetic block toy tower

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This Toy Combo Soars

Super Wings tranformer figure toys inside Magna-Tiles magnetic block toy tower
  • What: Super Wings Plus Magnet Tiles
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Fun, flexible, imaginative
  • Where: At home

Our Super Wings toys have had a sudden resurgence in popularity. My oldest son collected these transforming airplanes from the popular show as a preschooler, and they entertained all three kids at various points in time. Now my seven year old loves playing with them again. 

Super Wings transformer toy figures inside Magna-Tiles magnetic block toy tower
My son loves building creations from Magna-Tiles for his Super Wings characters.

He’s combined our ever-present and popular Magna-Tiles with these airplane characters for even more fun. He builds them runways, hangers, and more thanks to the multiple possibilities with Magna-Tiles. Now that he’s older, he loves making up stories and acting them out, engaging with his older sister to flush out the details of each character.

While they still love the play set as well, they get more mileage out of the figures, which can be purchased separately. A new pack containing more support characters (and some duplicates we already had) means fewer arguments over who gets what airplane figure. They love transforming each one to suit their play, and building accordingly.

Super Wings Transformer Toys on Amazon

Magnet tiles of any brand will go the distance if you want a toy that will entertain them for years to come. Toss in these transforming characters to take flight for even more fun and possibilities with this winning combination.

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