Dog Stairs: Prevent Injury to Your Four-Footed Friend

Bundaloo Dog Stairs with storage leading up to sofa with Chihuahua mix small dog resting on couch cushions

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Helping Hounds Scale Heights

Bundaloo Dog Stairs with storage leading up to sofa with Chihuahua mix small dog resting on couch cushions
  • What: Dog Stairs with Storage
  • When: Dogs get injured or older
  • Why: Prevent injuries, keep supplies organized
  • Where: Amazon

Our tiny dog recently injured herself jumping off the couch. Apparently she managed to land funny and slipped a disc in her spinal cord, which is not an uncommon injury, especially in older dogs. Since I can’t spend my day policing the couch to make sure she didn’t jump up or down during her recovery (and after), I invested in an affordable set of Bundaloo Dog Stairs with Storage.

Bundaloo Dog Stairs with Storage on Amazon

I opted for the storage choice since even though we no longer live in a small house, old habits die hard. These fabric stairs work great and hold up to 100 lbs, perfect for small to medium dogs. They come in either black or a black and white plaid fabric option. A non-skid bottom keeps them securely in place.

Bundaloo Dog Steps with storage in black and white plaid pattern
These fabric steps weigh very little, fold down when not in use, and can hold up to 100 pounds.

I wasn’t sure what to expect after buying online. It turns out they resemble some of my favorite storage bins for toys, shoes, and just about anything. The steps themselves unfold and you push the bottom piece into place to hold the shape. The padded tops of each of the three steps fit snugly into place, and stay put during use.

Bundaloo Dog Stairs with storage step
Each step offers a storage space underneath the padded top.

Each step offers storage accessible from the top by removing the padded step. So while pets can’t get in there, it’s easy for people to open. The height of these three steps fits our sofa perfectly (but didn’t reach a high bed if that’s what you need). If you only need them temporarily, they fold back down for compact storage, and would easily slide underneath most sofas when hosting guests or at other times when you want more foot room.

Chihuahua small dog mixed breed using Bundaloo Dog Steps with storage to
Our dog uses these steps to get on and off the couch and prevent more costly vet bills.

If your dog could use a helping hand with heights, these steps work marvelously to assist them getting on and off furniture. Now if only I could get our dog to follow the doctor’s instructions.

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