Battles That Changed History

Smithsonian Battles That Changed History Chapter 5 1900-Present table of contents

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Tales from the Trenches

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  • What: Battles That Changed History Book
  • When: 8 years and up
  • Why: Educational, visual, organized
  • Where: Amazon

Looking to keep your child enthused about learning before school starts again in the fall? Want to bring history and the momentous changes it wrought to life for them? Check out Battles That Changed History and let them learn for themselves how these battlegrounds, big and small, changed events for generations to come.

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This book details more than 90 important battles from a range of conflicts from 3,000 years of history. From Alexander the Great to Rommel, it contains a breakdown on how tactical decisions lead to major victories or defeats. It includes comprehensive info on leaders, military strategy, weapons, and armor over a great swath of time. Watch as strategies change with technological developments, and see which leaders grasped the differences to achieve victory. 

Table of contents from Smithsonian Battles That Changed History book
This reference book breaks down history into distinct chunks of time.

With more than 250 pages broken down into distinct periods of time, this encyclopedia makes knowledge easy to find. Packed with illustrations, the maps, artifacts, and more will bring the battle to life in these oversized pages. Not for the faint of heart, this book can be read from cover to cover for anyone super enthused, or taken in much smaller chunks for younger readers and listeners. Let your child choose one battle a day, and build their knowledge of world affairs as well as history and strategy.

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Illustrations such as maps provide even more context for this epic battles.

If your child has ever asked why history matters, this book will answer that inquiry in far greater detail than they could ever imagine.

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