Calico Critters Hedgehog Hideout

Calico Critters Hedgehog Hideout box with photos

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Home Sweet Hideout

Calico Critters Hedgehog Hideout box with photos

  • What: Calico Critters Hedgehog Hideout
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Compact, complete, low cost
  • Where: Amazon

Have a fondness for woodland creatures? Want to give your Calico Critters an abode that doesn’t take up a ton of space? Whether you’ve got a Calico Critters aficionado in your household, or want to introduce your child to these small fuzzy creatures, check out the Calico Critters Baby Hedgehog Hideout.

Calico Critters Baby Hedgehog Hideout on Amazon

This small play set comes with a plastic dugout that makes a perfect home for the fluffy hedgehogs and their friends. Complete with a wood stove, steps, a slide, a sleeping bag, table and even a birdhouse mailbox, critters will find everything they need to live and play all day. Unlike many of the accessory sets, it also comes with a baby hedgehog to complete the fun.

Baby hedgehog inside Hedgehog Hideout pi
The baby hedgehog fits perfectly into the cozy sleeping bag.

Kids will love putting the tiny hedgehog to bed in the pink plastic sleeping bag, which has a hole for the animal’s face. They will also enjoy setting up house with this cozy woodland lair. Parents will love the low price tag and minimal amount of space this set requires for storing and playing, unlike some of the other larger Calico Critter residences. Yet this set pairs well with other Calico Critter accessories to create a world of fun and imagination.

Calico Critters Hedgehog Hideout
This set makes a great starter or addition to any critter collection.

Keep your baby hedgehogs nestled in safety thanks to this adorable Hedgehog Hideout.

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