Bunch O Balloons

Water Balloons Without the WaitBunch O Balloons yellow inflated self sealing water balloons in a batch

  • What: Bunch O Balloons
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Easy, fast, affordable
  • Where: Amazon

Ever spent endless minutes at the sink filling up water balloons, only to have kids go through them in moments? Maybe you can recall the effort it took as a kid to get water into the tiny neck of a small balloon. Or how much your fingers hurt after tying all those balloons. If you want all the fun of water balloons with none of the hassle, get one or more Bunch O Balloons.

Zuru Bunch of Balloons Multi-Colored 350 Pack on Amazon

Instead of filling balloons individually, simply attach the plastic collar to a hose and turn on the water. The plastic straws will fill 35 balloons almost instantly. Best of all, the balloons self-seal, saving you even more time and effort. Each batch comes in one color, and you can get many different colors in a package, from primary colors to neon options. Arm a team with their own color, and choose how many balloons you’d like. With packs that come in 200, 350, and 400 balloon options, you can fill multiple batches or use them one batch at a time. 

Zuru Bunch O Balloons
You can buy packs in different quantities and colors.

For best results, fill the balloons over a container full of water the same temperature. Give them a shake when they get to your desired size. While we lose a few balloons each round of filling, it’s more than worth it for the speed and ease of getting a batch of water balloons. Perfect for hot summer days, these water balloons encourage kids to get outside and get active. Older kids can fill the balloons themselves. Our kids also love to leave the stem attached to the hose for even more water fun.

Young kids filling a batch of self sealing water balloons with hose in yard
This system makes filling water balloons so easy even kids can do it in moments.

Now if only someone would make picking up the bits of balloon after the battle easier.

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