Laser Tag 

Laser X Revolution laser tag four player set with box, laser gun, and chest receiver

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Light Up Your Tag GameLaser Tag 1

  • What: Laser Tag
  • When: 4 years and up
  • Why: Interactive, family-friendly
  • Where: Amazon

As days get shorter and fall approaches, kids still need lots of active time inside and out. If you want a toy that will keep your kids away from screens and moving around long after the sun goes down, try investing in your own set of Laser X Revolution.

Laser X Revolution 4 Player Set on Amazon

This boxed set comes with four laser guns and four wearable targets for each participant. Kids can team up or play individually. Each gun requires three AAA batteries, which also powers the attached chest pack. Kids will have no trouble suiting up in the stretchy adjustable elastic bands that go around their arms to hold the target securely in place on their chests. 

Laser X Revolution back of box
Each gun can light up in a variety of colors.

Players aim for the targets, which light up when hit. The lasers work from about 300 feet away, though obstacles can be used as cover. This game can be used indoors or out, and the lasers aren’t affected by sunlight. Players can shoot through windows or bounce light beams off reflective surfaces for surprise attacks. It also works great at dusk for kids to run off some extra energy before bedtime. Each white gun can light up in multiple colors, letting players pick their favorites. And if you need more players, these sets work with each other, making the possibilities almost unlimited.

Older kid holding Laser X Revolution laser tag gun with chest receiver lit up
Kids can choose which color they want.

We got our set of four for the holidays, and the kids enjoyed it immensely. They still love playing anytime they can get friends or foes to fill out the roster. They have no trouble using the guns themselves, and so far no one has been injured playing, since the guns don’t shoot actual projectiles. The chest receivers will fit adults as well as kids, letting everyone in on the action.

Whether you want an active game the whole family can enjoy, or a way to keep kids occupied and on the move, Laser X Revolution will thrill everyone involved.

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