Best of June 2022

Color Shifters color changing Hot Wheels car with Battleships Shots game in front of Hemnes Daybed from IKEA

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Sleeping, Storage, and More

Color Shifters color changing Hot Wheels car with Battleships Shots game in front of Hemnes Daybed from IKEA
  • What: Most popular posts
  • When: June 2022
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June’s most read posts may seem familiar. If so, there’s a reason why. These popular posts refuse to give up the top three slots. They’ve been popular for the last three months running, with no room for other contenders. If you haven’t given them a read, here is another chance.

Hemnes convertible trundle daybed from IKEA

Hemnes Daybed: This versatile piece of furniture from IKEA really goes the distance. From a twin bed that doubles as a sofa for extra seating, to plenty of sleeping options, this daybed packs a big punch. Three built-in storage drawers make the most of all the space. Meanwhile, the trundle bed pulls out to transform the twin bed into a king-sized sleeping area, all with one low price tag. It works great in play rooms, guest rooms, kid’s rooms, and anywhere you need extra seating or sleeping possibilities.

Battleship Shots game set up with balls and board

Battleship Shots: Kids and adults alike can enjoy this fast-paced game based on the classic duel. Players take turns throwing or bouncing lightweight balls to land them in their opponents’ plastic ships. The first player to sink their opponent’s fleet wins. But watch out for the red ball, which can win the game in one shot.

Zinus Twin Spring Mattress White on Amazon

Twin Mattress: These sturdy mattresses have a price tag that makes them great for kids, but comfortable enough for adults, too. The spring mattress comes flat packed, making it easy to get them to beds up or down stairs. The mattress regains its full shape in less than a day and lasts for years even with regular use. At this price point, you can afford to buy in multiples!

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