Fisher Price Baby Bouncer

Fisher Price Baby Bouncer infant vibrating seat

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Indispensable Infant Equipment

Fisher Price Baby Bouncer infant vibrating seat
  • What: Fisher Price Baby Bounced
  • When: Birth to 12 months
  • Why: Lightweight, affordable, versatile
  • Where: Amazon

I haven’t had an infant in almost seven years. But I can still recall all the hours of effort it took to take care of all of my kids at that age. If there’s one piece of baby equipment I could never live without, it’s this affordable Fisher Price Baby Bouncer.

Fisher Price Baby Bouncer on Amazon

We assembled our first bouncy seat the moment we walked in the door with our firstborn. After only a couple days at the hospital, we knew we needed something to help soothe our fussy infant. We managed to complete the simple assembly and get our precious child using it in less than fifteen minutes despite already suffering from sleep deprivation.

Newborn in Fisher Price Woodland Friends Baby Bouncer vi
This bouncy seat was one of the few things our very particular firstborn liked.

We used that same seat for years with all three of our kids. This bouncy seat moves easily from room to room as needed. The three point restraint buckles easily to keep babies safe and secure. You can use the battery-operated switch for a gentle vibration, or even your foot to bounce the seat, freeing up hands for other important tasks like eating. 

Infant swaddled and sleeping in Fisher Price Baby Bouncer vibrating seat
You can see the attachment points for the toy bar in this photo. What you can’t see is my foot constantly bouncing the seat to make sure he stays asleep.

Choose from a variety of adorable fabrics, all machine washable for the inevitable baby spit up. This seat works great for first-time parents still figuring out their routine as well as a safe place for new siblings to hang out while parents spend time with older kids. I even used my bouncy seat in the bathroom while taking a shower. This bouncy chair also comes with a toy bar that removes with two clicks, making it simpler to get infants in and out of the seat. The toys work great to keep older infants entertained while hanging out, and make tasks like preparing bottles, meals, or more much simpler.

Infant in Fisher Price Baby Bouncer vibrating baby seat with toy bar
We loved and used our seat so much we bought a second one for the grandparents’ house.

If I had to pick one item and one item only to buy with a new baby, this bouncy seat would top the list. It can double as a feeding area, and moves so easily between rooms it can go almost anywhere. We loved ours so much we bought a second one to have at the grandparents’ house. Thanks to the low price point, we had no trouble justifying that purchase.

Do yourselves and your baby a favor and have this setup before your baby arrives. You will thank yourself later.

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