Horseshoe Set

Lucky and LightweightRubber horseshoe set on pavement with two blue horseshoes and yellow stick in black circular mat

  • What: Horseshoe Set
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Lightweight, compact, durable
  • Where: Amazon

Thanks to the pandemic, we’ve visited oodles of campgrounds in the last two years. One thing we’ve found at many of them? A horseshoe pit. While traditional horseshoes didn’t work for our kids, we finally invested in a Horseshoe Set that lets everyone in on the fun for this classic outdoor game. 

Champion Sports Indoor/Outdoor Horseshoe Set on Amazon

This sturdy lightweight set makes it easy for all ages to play. Not only can kids lift and toss the plastic horseshoes, but you don’t have to worry about injuring players or surroundings. The set comes with four horseshoes, two each in red and blue. It also includes two short poles that insert in the middle of the rubber circles to act as targets. You won’t need a horseshoe pit or even a pile of sand to play this outdoor game anywhere you please. Two bright red dowels make a great alternative to the poles and mats and mean you can plant a target anywhere from concrete to soft sand.

Eleven year old child playing horseshoes in
No sand? No problem thanks to this lightweight horseshoe set.

Want to play inside? The soft plastic won’t hurt walls or floors, and kids can get lots of practice before taking their skills on the road. The game works great to practice taking turns, and gets kids up and moving around as they try to hit the target. Follow the game rules and score points to see who wins, or make up your own rules, point system, or more. 

Get a horsehoe set with a mesh bag to pack away neatly for easy storage and transport. Next time you want an easy game for the whole family, try challenging each other at horseshoes.

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