Pottery Barn Kids’ Backpack

Pottery Barn Kids Star Wars BB8 backpack next to adult hiking backpack on log on beach

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School Bags That Go the Distance

Pottery Barn Kids' Backpack Star Wars print with BB8

  • What: Pottery Barn Kids’ MacKenzie Backpack
  • When: 5 years and up
  • Why: Durable, adjustable, capable
  • Where: Pottery Barn Kids

I don’t habitually shop at Pottery Barn. I’m more of a Target kind of mom myself. But when my oldest son outgrew his Skip Hop Zoo Backpack, we went shopping at Pottery Barn on the recommendation of another mom. I shuddered at the price tag then, but five years later, it’s still going strong. If you want one backpack to take them through their elementary school career, check out Pottery Barn Kid’s MacKenzie Backpacks.

Pottery Barn MacKenzie Kids' Backpack in Save the Seas print

MacKenzie Save Our Seas Backpack at Pottery Barn Kids

These large backpacks come in a variety of colors and patterns, including some fan favorites like Star Wars. No matter which one your child chooses, they all have the same great features. You’ll get two side pockets perfect for things like water bottles, pencil cases, or sunscreen. A small pocket on the front includes a built-in organizer for pencils and pens, as well as a mesh pocket for small items. The main compartment has plenty of room for lunch boxes, folders, books, and even seating pads. The wide straps help distribute the load and offer plenty of adjustment for growing kids. (Note: Our older version has a middle section as well, which isn’t featured on the newest edition.)

Pottery Barn Kids Star Wars backpack
My son’s Star Wars Pottery Barn Backpack is at least five years old.

My son has carried his backpack for years. He’s dragged it through who knows what and taken it on countless field trips to the beach, park, and more. I’ve never washed it, never repaired it, and we clean it out roughly once a year before school starts. Yet it still works just as well as the day we bought it, which was long enough ago that I don’t even remember exactly how many years we’ve had it. My son carries rocks, sports equipment, and lots of other non-standard school supplies, and this backpack can handle it all with aplomb. 

Child walking on sidewalk with friends carrying Pottery Barn Kids Star Wars
My son will carry his backpack into sixth grade this fall.

Though the price point is high compared to other retailers, you get a quality product that will certainly last for years to come. If your child wants a new bag every school year, it isn’t worth the splurge. But if you want to save yourself some shopping and battles over bags, this backpack goes the distance. Our backpack from this line will start middle school with our son this fall. He still loves it and I’m relieved to have one thing checked off our list for fall shopping. If only I could get clothes that would last this long…

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