Build Your Own Volcano Kit

National Geographic Build Your Own Volcano Kit materials scattered about on picnic table

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When Learning Explodes

National Geographic Build Your Own Volcano plaster volcano painted by eight year old kid

  • What: Build Your Own Volcano Kit
  • When: 6 years and up
  • Why: Educational, fun, reusable
  • Where: Amazon

National Geographic has done it again. This time, instead of having kids crack the plaster and discover treasure inside, they’ve let kids loose with the plaster to create their own volcano. From molding to erupting, kids can do it all with this Ultimate Volcano Kit.

National Geographic Ultimate Volcano Kit on Amazon

This kit comes with everything kids need to mold their own plaster volcano. All you need to add is water. Once the plaster dries, they can paint their volcano any way they like with the included paints and brush. The plaster volcano can then be filled with the eruption powder to erupt on command. 

National Geographic
Kids will have no trouble making their own volcano from the mold.

My almost eight year old had no trouble following the directions for all the steps himself, with a bit of exuberant assistance from his two older siblings. The hardest part was allowing the plaster and paint to fully dry before moving on to the next steps. (Kids can skip the painting portion if they prefer.) I’d highly recommend this project for the outdoors, as the plaster dust can go everywhere if spilled, and the paint is not washable. If you don’t want to go outside, try using a cookie baking sheet to contain the mess indoors.

Eight year old paining plaster volcano made from National Geographic Build Your Own Volcano Kit outside on picnic table
My son did this project outside so we didn’t have to worry about any mess.

The kit comes with enough materials to make multiple eruptions. And the ultimate set also includes popping crystals for even more sensory fun. The reusable mold collapses for easier storage, but sets up securely thanks to the included rubber band. If the first volcano explodes more than expected, kids can use clay or plaster to make another one. They can even create an entire range of volcanoes for a spectacular demonstration and lots of learning.

If your kid loves natural history or you want to bring science to life, this Ultimate Volcano Kit will get the job done with tons of fun.

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