Label Daddy Saves the Day

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Prevent Lost Belongings

Label Daddy label envelope

  • What: Label Daddy Labels
  • When: Birth to college
  • Why: Keep up with stuff
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Do your kids lose everything? Are you amazed whenever your kids come home from school with all their belongings? Sometimes I find it hard to believe they manage to get home dressed, with the rate they lose things like hats, jackets, water bottles, and more. (To be fair, in 2020, each of my kids’ needed 11 different things to get out the door for school, and that’s a lot for a six year old to manage. But still…) 

Over the years, one product has saved me countless amounts of money. It’s not an advanced tracking system, either. In case you wanted to know, we have tried Tile Tags from Amazon and other tracking devices on higher priced items like jackets. But for a much easier, affordable, and simple solution, use Label Daddy Labels

Contact Labels from Label Daddy

These high quality labels can be printed in a variety of sizes and colors. You can buy them in bundles of the same size or try a pack with different types. They attach to almost anything, from jackets to ballet slippers to water bottles and lunch boxes. They go through the washing machine or dishwasher with no problem. I don’t know how we ever lived without them.

I love the Contact Labels, which measure about an inch tall by two inches wide in the rectangular shape. You get to personalize all the info on these sturdy stickers. You can put just your child’s name, though we would recommend some sort of contact info as well, be that a phone number, an email, or an address. With numerous options to choose from, look for ones with multiple lines of text to add more info to the label. 

Label Daddy labels packaging and
The packaging has changed over the almost ten years we’ve been using these labels, while the labels offer the same great quality.

We have a pack for each family member and have used them for almost ten years. Each kid picks their own color and embellishments. Our oldest son, now entering sixth grade, is on his third pack of labels, and we’ve been plastering all his belongings with them since he was three years old. He left his favorite baseball cap on a bus during a field trip. Thanks to our label (and the generous person who found it), it got returned to us.

If you’re tired of tracking down or replacing your child’s items, get a pack of these labels and use them everywhere you can.

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