I Survived the California Wildfires Book

Light a Fire of LearningI Survived the California Wildfires 2018 kids book title cover

  • What: I Survived the California Wildfires 2018 Book
  • When: 7 years and up
  • Why: Educational, affordable, easy to read
  • Where: Amazon

We’ve been lucky this year. So far, at least, no wildfires have caused us to close our windows, cancel outdoor activities, or change our vacation plans. While others haven’t fared as well, we appreciate the fresh air and security. But my kids don’t fully understand the concept of a wildfire, nor how much damage one can do. Beyond having to stay inside with all the doors and windows shut due to extremely poor air quality, they haven’t had much experience with wildfires. And that’s where I Survived the California Wildfires 2018 comes in.

I Survived the California Wildfires book on Amazon  

One of the latest books in the I Survived series tells the tale of Josh and Holly, cousins on the California coast. This book gives kids an excellent perspective on wildfires from a kid’s narrative. From dealing with a family crisis to the environmental impacts, the book tackles big issues in a way that kids understand.

Chapter 4 beginning of I Survived the California Wildfires 2018 book for kids
The large text and exciting action keeps kids clamoring for more.

The large text and short chapters keep kids interested in turning the pages. If they want even more information, at the end of the books they can find brief descriptions of lots of different fire fighting equipment, from trucks to fire shelters, as well as a reading list for other I Survived books about fire.

Extra reading material about 2018 wildfire from I Survived the California Wildfires
Bonus materials at the back provide kids with even more information.

These books based on actual events make great reading for kids. With action-packed pages and young narrators, kids learn more without ever cracking a textbook. If you want to give your child a taste of the terror of wildfires without leaving the comfort of your home, check out I Survived the California Wildfires.

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