Target Backpacks for Kids

Crckt Unicorn print on navy background kids' backpack on rack at Target

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Keep On Packing

Five year old child wearing new IMG backpack for kids from Target on first day of school 2019

  • What: Target Backpacks for Kids
  • When: 5 years and up
  • Why: Affordable, durable, wide variety
  • Where: Target

Want an affordable backpack that will last longer than the school year? If you don’t want to pay a lot for a kids’ backpack, but still want quality construction that will go the distance, check out the selection at Target for a solid Kids’ Backpack.

Crckt Unicorns print on navy background

Crckt Kids 16.5” Backpack from Target

My daughter got her backpack as a birthday gift more than three years ago. It’s been to school with her every day since, and has held up great. This 16.5 inch backpack comes with one side mesh pocket for easy access to things like water bottles. It also has a front compartment with interior pockets for pencils, pens, and more.

Child on porch wearing Crckt kids' backpack with unicorn print
My daughter has carried her backpack from Target for years.

The middle zippered section has plenty of room for more supplies, including books, masks, pencil cases, and whatever else they might need but don’t want to get lost in the main part. The largest section can easily hold three ring binders, seating pads, lunch boxes, and extra clothing and gear for changing weather conditions.

IMG Kids Backpack with headphone five piece set from Target

IMG Kids 17” Backpack Set with Headphones from Target

If your kids don’t like the selection from Crckt, Target offers a great deal on IMG Kids’ Backpack Sets. These deals can’t be beat, with five items included for one low price. My youngest son needed a backpack upgrade during 2020 to handle all the Covid requirements. He chose this five-piece set, swayed mainly by the included headphones complete with microphone.

IMG Kids' backpack in gray with pink cheetah print from Target
My son picked out this IMG backpack from Target because it came with headphones.

It also comes with a matching insulated lunch box, a water bottle, and a clip to help keep everything connected. The front zippered pouch has plenty of room for pens, scissors, masks, tape, glue, and whatever other school supplies they need. Two outside mesh pockets offer storage for water bottles, sunscreen, masks, and more. Inside this 17 inch bag, you’ll find plenty of space for lunch boxes, outerwear, and whatever else they need to make it through a school day. 

IMG kids backpack from Target with Wildkns lunch box, water bottle, sit pad, and more inside
My son’s IMG backpack holds all this stuff with room for more.

This backpack has gone through two school years, and been dragged through all sorts of weather and still works great. I have no doubt it will last through the upcoming year as well. My son still loves it, and the straps have had no issue growing with him over the years. If you want a quality backpack but can’t make it to Target, Amazon offers some similar items. Check out this Five Piece Set, which includes all the same items as the IMG brand at Target. 

Unicorn Flip Sequin Backpack Set on Amazon

No matter where you get your school supplies, these backpacks and their durable materials will make getting the kids to school simpler, with one less thing to worry about buying at the start of each year.

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