IKEA Kids’ Dresser

IKEA Smastad Uppfora Three drawer chest combination

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IKEA Smastad Uppfora Three drawer chest combination

  • What: IKEA Kids’ Dresser
  • When: Birth to college
  • Why: Versatile, affordable, customizable
  • Where: IKEA

Have you gotten your kids outfitted for the school year only to discover their clothes no longer fit in their dresser drawers? Need more room or better organization for their growing wardrobe? If so, IKEA has the solution thanks to the modular Smalstad and Uppfora furniture combinations.

IKEA Smastad Uppfora Three drawer chest combination
Smastad/Uppfora 3-Drawer Chest in White at IKEA

We used a dresser with a changing pad on top for all three of our kids as infants. Once they outgrew diapers, we added affordable cube storage on top of the dresser to take advantage of vertical storage space for toys, books, clothes, and more. But with my oldest son turning twelve soon, he and his clothes have grown, while the dresser drawers have not. Enter IKEA for flexible storage that meets their growing needs.

Wooden six drawer dresser in kids' room with nine cube shelf on top
BEFORE: We used this dresser for ten years before needing an upgrade with larger drawers.

You can get multiple different configurations in this Smastad modular system. We opted for the 30 inch base with two large drawers deep enough and tall enough to hold even my son’s large size kids’ clothing. We added the smaller drawer at the bottom of the unit for items like socks and underwear. We let the kids pick the color of the drawer fronts, with choices including white, gray, green, and pink. We let them choose the drawer pulls. Then we bought two of everything, since our sons share a room as well as a double dresser with six drawers.

IKEA Smastad Uppfora three drawer dresser combination with green drawer fronts and white handles
AFTER: We switched the basic dresser out for two Smastad/Uppfora combinations with large green drawers.

If you want more options, you can replace one of the large drawers with two smaller drawers, for a three drawer dresser. Add the optional underneath drawer for four drawers total. Need even more room? Use the 53.5 inch base and go even higher. Add two more large drawers, four smaller ones, or whatever combination works for your kid’s storage needs. Or use the upper portion as hanging space, open shelving, or more. 

IKEA Smastad Uppfora
Get even more storage with taller base units and by adding more units on top. This combination seen at IKEA totals $725.36 and includes a pull out area in the lower middle.

No matter which combination you choose, you can buy only the pieces you need. When your kids’ needs change, simply switch out the portions that no longer work without having to buy the base. If you want to keep their clothing and belongings organized for years to come, look no further than the winning combination of Smalstad and Uppfora.

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