Marvel Star Wars Comics

Marvel Star Wars Comics The Destiny Path back cover

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The Saga Continues

Marvel Star Wars comics graphic novels Age of Resistance Heroes, The Destiny Path, Galaxy's Edge
  • What: Marvel Star Wars Comics
  • When: 12 years and up
  • Why: Entertaining, extensive, engaging
  • Where: Amazon

Got a big kid who loves Star Wars? Have they seen the movies umpteen times, and read every kids’ book they can get their hands on? If your older child wants more quality Star Wars adventures, look no further than the pages of the Marvel Star Wars universe.

Star War Volume One: Skywalker Strikes on Amazon 

These comic books offer older kids more material featuring their favorite characters. They can explore the well-known legend of the Skywalker family, or go for more in depth looks into their favorite characters, like Darth Vader or bounty hunters. With numerous volumes to choose from, kids can’t go wrong.

Star Wars Marvel Comics graphic novels from series
Each series has multiple volumes to read and enjoy.

The main series of Marvel comics showcases 15 volumes of action packed adventure set in a galaxy far, far away. Each episode includes glossy pages covered with illustrations and text suitable for older readers, preteens and beyond. The colorful books have a certain heft to them, both in actual weight and material, making them suitable for older kids ready for more advanced themes and material.

Marvel Star Wars Comics The Destiny Path page spread with Lando Calrissian
These graphic novels features beautiful artwork and lots of small text.

Thrill your Star Wars fan with one or more of these beautifully illustrated stories. Buy them individually or mix and match from various series. The sturdy binding will hold up to multiple readings, and preteens will enjoy learning even more about this fantastic galaxy of characters and political intrigue.

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