Backpacks for Kids

REI Kids backpack on seven year old child

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Child-sized Carryalls

Child going up stairs carrying Skip Hop Zoo cow backpack with Stephen Joseph umbrella

  • What: Backpacks for Kids
  • When: 2 years and up
  • Why: Functional, versatile, durable
  • Where: Home and away

Looking for the perfect backpack to get your child through the school year? Whether you have a preschooler venturing from home for the first time, or an older kid who needs a backpack that can stand up to everything they carry, this list will help you find the right fit for your child.

REI Kids' backpack in hot pink on rack at store

REI Kids Backpack: This rugged backpack works great for hiking and other outdoor adventures, but did you know it makes a great school companion as well? Lots of pockets, two sizes to choose from that fit a wide age range of kids, and extras like a built-in whistle make this pack super versatile. Kids and parents alike will appreciate the bright color options and the durability that makes it last beyond the school year. 

Pottery Barn Kids' Backpack Star Wars print with BB8 child wearing while walking on sidewalk

Pottery Barn Backpacks: This more expensive version offers lots of bang for the buck. Multiple sizes make it easy to find the right fit for your kid. You can spend comfortably knowing this bag can easily take your child through their entire elementary career. Organizer pockets and a roomy main compartment means this bag can carry everything kids might need at school and beyond. 

Child wearing cow Skip Hop Zoo backpack

Skip Hop Zoo Backpack: For the littler school attendees, these adorable animal backpacks work perfectly. They have plenty of room for a lunch box, water bottle, and even a change of clothes, all without weighing down small shoulders. Kids will love the range of animals to choose from, and parents will appreciate the durability of these toddler backpacks.

Child pulling two kid suitcases, a pink fuzzy one from Popatu and a blue shark one from Yodo

Yodo Kids Rolling Suitcase: This rolling option does double-duty. Perfect for traveling kids who need entertainment or a few basics at hand, it also works great for school. The expandable handle tucks away into the frame, allowing kids to carry it as a backpack as well. If they get tired, they can pull it instead of carrying the load. The front pocket offers easy access to small items, and the main area has plenty of room for essentials. It also includes a side pocket for water bottles and other handy items.

Crckt Unicorn print on navy background kids' backpack on rack at Target

Target Backpacks: If you want a solid backpack without breaking the bank, Target offers plenty of options. These bags will last for multiple school years, and come in a variety of brands with different features. Some include lunch boxes, water bottles, headphones, and more. Others offer extras like adorable zipper pulls or fun fabrics sure to please kids. No matter which one you choose, you’ll rest easy knowing it will grow with your child through their school years.

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