Pet Pampering 

Pink fuzzy pet donut bed with hot pink paw print fleece blanket, orange and turquiose cat crinkle tunnel toy, black and white plaid dog stairs with storage

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Show Your Fur Baby Some Love

Pink fuzzy pet donut bed with hot pink paw print fleece blanket, orange and turquiose cat crinkle tunnel toy, black and white plaid dog stairs with storage
  • What: Pet Pampering
  • When: Anytime
  • Why: Luxurious, affordable, enjoyable
  • Where: Amazon

Looking for a non-edible treat for your beloved furry family member? Want to go above and beyond the basics for a new or old pet? These items are far from necessary for basic pet care, but they give your furry friends some luxury level indulgences. 

Bundaloo Dog Stairs with storage leading up to sofa with Chihuahua mix small dog resting on couch cushions

Dog Stairs: Give your pet a boost and help prevent back injuries with this set of pet steps. Built for smaller animals, like small breed dogs, cats, and other pocket pets, these steps can hold up to 100 lbs. Each step lifts off to reveal storage space underneath, and the entire thing folds flat when you want more room or when not in use. They make it easy for pets to access sofas, beds, and RVs without risking an injury from awkward landings or angles.

Nononfish pink donut pet dog bed with chihuahua mix dog wearing puffy hot pink jacket

Donut Bed: Our pets simply cannot get enough of this fuzzy donut bed. Both the dog and the ferrets love to lounge here. Ours came with a tiny fleece blanket, too, which means they can snuggle underneath the blanket surrounded by warmth. The raised sides work perfectly for resting tired heads and giving lots of support, but remain low enough to make getting in and out of it a breeze even for smaller or older pets.

Leaps and Bounds Crinkle Cat Tunnel in turquoise and orange

Crinkle Tunnel: We don’t have a cat, but we still get tons of use out of this crinkly cat toy. Our kids play with it, as do the ferrets. The attached hanging ball toy is very popular, and it also has a hole in the middle for multiple access points and easy viewing of animals at play. Best of all, it compacts down to store easily when not in use.

Paws and Pals Pet Stroller in purple lavender with two ferrets riding inside

Pet Stroller: If you really want to take your pet to the heights of luxury, this stroller made just for pets will get them there. Whether you have an injured or elderly pet who can benefit from fresh air or just want a confined space to keep your beloved critter safe, this stroller does it all. It has a roomy compartment with multiple zippered entry points and a canopy complete with peekaboo window. Lots of storage underneath means you never leave without everything you need. And an included handlebar organizer for people makes it easy to take a water bottle, coffee, keys, wallet and more with you.

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