Bead Spinner Bowl

Simplify BeadworkBead Spinner Bowl 3

  • What: Bead Spinner Bowl
  • When: 7 years and up
  • Why: Fast, effective, entertaining
  • Where: Amazon

Want to introduce your child to the joys of beadwork? Got a kid who loves art projects and tiny detailed work? If you haven’t seen a Bead Spinner Bowl, this tool makes loading seed beads onto string or other mediums a cinch.

Bead Spinner Bowl Set on Amazon 

Simply add beads to the bowl and give it a spin. After threading the included wire needle with string, hold the angled part of the needle inside the bowl, and let gravity and friction do all the work for you. Make sure to spin the bowl in the opposite direction the needle end points. Beads will jump onto the needle in a row. Be careful they don’t fall off the other end. Once they load onto the bead hook, simply slide them off onto string, wire, or wherever else you’d like beads.

Bead spinner bowl loaded with tiny pink iridescent
Our bead spinner bowl can hold lots of seed beads.

This spinner works great for many beads of the same color in a row. You can also use it to make crafts with multiple colors of beads, as long as you don’t need any specific pattern. Switch out the beads inside the tumbler to get multiple of the same color all in a row.

Ten year old pushing beads down needle after loading
My daughter pushing beads down the needle after loading them with her bead spinner bowl.

Make sure the beads you get will fit onto the included needle or get a set with multiple sizes. Otherwise it won’t work. But once you get all the kinks worked out, kids and adults alike will enjoy watching beads hop on like magic, and it makes crafting much faster and easier.

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