Airport Magnet Book

Send Imaginations SoaringUsborne Magnet Books Airport

  • What: Airport Magnet Book
  • When: 12 months and up
  • Why: Interactive, wide age range
  • Where: Amazon

We adore Usborne books in our household, so much so that we have trouble parting with them long after our kids have passed the target age. My almost eight-year-old son reminded me why recently, when he played independently with this Airport Magnet Book we have loved for years.

Airport Magnet Book on Amazon

With more than twenty magnets kids can move around, this book has sturdy pages that hold up well over time. The magnets store securely in their precise spots inside the front and back cover. They will stick to any page, and kids can delight in moving them around as they flip through the book. The magnets include things like buses, people, and a baggage conveyor in addition to multiple types of aircraft. 

Usborne Airport Magnet Book front cover magnet
The magnet storage inside the covers features a faint image that matches.

The magnet storage also doubles as an excellent puzzle for toddlers, as they try to match the outline and faint image to each piece to replace it after playing. The book can also close securely with the magnets attached to the pages. This book works great to prepare young kids for airplane journeys, with pages featuring the loading of cargo and people arriving at the airport.

Each page features a different scene from the airport.

We haven’t lost a magnet yet, thanks to the strong connection. We’ve had our books for many years, enough that I’ve lost count. But we got it when our firstborn, now just shy of twelve, loved airplanes, which lasted from about 9 months until three years. All three of our kids have enjoyed flipping the pages and using the magnets. Although the book weighs much more than board books of similar size, it can still work for traveling if you don’t mind the extra ounces. 

Seven year old playing with Usborne Airport Magnet Book
Our youngest child still enjoys playing with this book years later.

Even if you use this book exclusively at home, kids will love taking flights of fancy thanks to this interactive book made just with them in mind. 

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