Zipper Binder with Carrying Strap

Bright red zippered three ring binder with handle in between two kids' school backpacks

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Transport Schoolwork with EaseBright red zipper three Ring binder loaded with spiral notebook and school supples

  • What: Zipper Binder with Carrying Strap
  • When: 10 years and up
  • Why: Portable, durable, organized
  • Where: Amazon or Target

Is your child already having trouble keeping up with schoolwork only a few days or a week into the school year? Do you want a binder that prevents important papers and work from escaping? Does your child want to keep their hands free for food, books, water bottles, and other items? If you answered yes to any of the questions above, check out this Zipper Binder with Strap.

Case-It Dual 2-in-1 Zipper Binder on Amazon 

This solid two-inch binder offers a lot more security than standard three-ring binders. The zipper keeps all the papers tucked safely inside, even if the punched holes rip or the contents fall out of an inner folder. It comes with an organizer to keep school supplies all together in one place.

Red three ring binder with zipper and carrying strap included shown holding glue sticks, erasers, pens, and other school supplies in organizer
Included organizers store lots more than paper with ease.

The mesh pouch lets students see the contents and holds larger items like scissors, calculators, and more. A zippered section keeps other items safely stowed away. On the opposite side, a smaller zippered section can hold more things, while a Velcro closure on top of a small pouch fits a small notebook with ease.

Red zippered
The carrying straps attach securely to the c-rings on each side, making it easy to add or remove as needed.

Even better, this three-ring binder can be carried on its own, thanks to the detachable carrying strap. The strap attaches securely with clips to C-rings on each side of the binder. The nylon handle along the edge makes it easy to grab and go between classes, when getting ready for school, or after the learning finishes. Choose from ten different colors and patterns to find one your kid will love to carry.

Eleven year old carrying zippered red three ring binder with handle
My son picked out this zippered three ring binder and carries it every day to and from school.

We got our sixth grader a similar binder from Target, and he uses it every day to keep his classwork and assignments organized. It holds his printed schedule and has space for everything on his school supplies list. Plus, the attached strap makes it easy for him to take with him everyday, and from classroom to classroom. He loves having a place for all his stuff.

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