National Geographic Toys

National Geographic Rock Tumbler rocks loaded into cylinder with Step 1 grit before tumbling

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Explore More Hands-on FunNational Geographic Rock Tumbler rocks loaded into cylinder with Step 1 grit before tumbling

  • What: National Geographic Toys
  • When: 5 years and up
  • Why: Fun, educational, durable
  • Where: Amazon

Looking to let your child’s inner explorer loose? If your child loves gemstones or dinosaurs, they will love exploring with this range of toys produced by National Geographic. Pick the one your child would like best, or try them all and let the fun turn into learning.

National Geographic Professional Rock Tumbler Kit box

Rock Tumbler: Turn ordinary rocks into beautiful polished stones thanks to this rock tumbler, The tumbler does all the work. Kids only need to choose which ones to load, and set the gears spinning. This toy works best for kids who can wait the days (or weeks) needed to finish the polishing job, and for parents who don’t mind the extra rumbling background noise.

National Geographic Junior Metal Detector with instructions and learning guide booklet

Junior Metal Detector: Disguise your child as a super sleuth with this metal detector made just for them. With an adjustable handle to fit a wide range of heights, this detector can find items up to seven inches under the ground. Look for hidden treasures or just see what turns up in your neighborhood thanks to the beeping that indicates the presence of something metal.

National Geographic Build Your Own Volcano Kit with plaster drying in volcano mold outdoors

Build Your Own Volcano: Erupt into science and geography with this volcano kit. First, kids mold their own volcano. Then they can add paint to bring it to life. Finally, use the included powders to make an eruption fit for their memory books. This small scale science project lets kids get hands-on to explore natural forces.

Excavation Kit: Let kids discover more hidden wonders with this excavation kit. Kids chip away at the included plaster shapes to reveal gems, fossils, and more. The kit includes all the tools needed to turn kids into ancient explorers. They can finish the project in one sitting or return to this activity multiple times until they uncover everything.

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