Five Way Cat Tunnel

Five Way Cat Tunnel with hole in middle toys for pets

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Collapsible Feline Fun

Five Way Cat Tunnel with hole in middle toys for pets
  • What: Five Way Cat Tunnel
  • When: Playtime for pets
  • Why:  Compact, durable, affordable
  • Where: Amazon

Does your cat love their crinkle cat tunnel? Do you want even more fun for your favorite tunnel-loving pet? If your child’s tunnel has lost its appeal, or you want a smaller tunnel with more branches for pets who love playing hide and seek, look no further than the Five Way Cat Tunnel.

Five Way Collapsible Cat Tunnel on Amazon

This collapsible tunnel has five branches off a main connection point. When fully spread out, it resembles a sea star. The middle section has a hole on top to better see all the fun your pets will enjoy. Each branch off the main section leads to the middle, where cats can choose which exit to take. It also comes with an attached hanging plastic ball toy for more exercise, enrichment, and enjoyment.

Five way cat tunnel pet toy popped up on hardwood floor
This tunnel toy provides lots of ways for pets to play.

We’ve had our five way tunnel for our two ferrets for months, and they continue to love it daily. It pops into shape when released from the included storage bag. When not in use, it collapses flat and takes up minimal storage space. It can easily be tucked behind furniture or in a bin with other pet supplies. It also comes in a two way, three way, and four way options, all made from the same sturdy dark material to last for lots of play.

Five way cat tunnel pet toy
The entire tunnel packs down into the included storage case.

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