Water Beads Activity Kit

Water beads in rainbow colors

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Sensory StimulationWater beads in rainbow colors

  • What: Water Beads Activity Kit
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Fun, compact, open ended
  • Where: Amazon or Target

Got a kid who loves sensory play? Want to delight your child with hands-on manipulative fun? If you haven’t explored water beads, now is the time to get started thanks to this Water Bead Activity Kit.

Water Beads for Kids Set on Amazon

This kit comes with everything kids need to start exploring, with over 50,000 water beads in regular and jumbo different sizes and multiple colors. It also includes three tweezer-type tools for grabbing the slippery beads. Inflate the play mat for a solid play surface that packs away when not in use. And let the 12 plastic ocean animals or 12 dinosaur figures loose in the habitat for even more fun. A spoon and net make it easy to scoop up lots of water beads at once, while the rainbow cups work great for smaller numbers and soaking. Everything comes tucked into a clear plastic bin with a handle for easy storage and transport.

Water beads activity kit beads sorted into cups by color by eight year old child
Water bead play can get a little damp but cleans up easily.

Much like hatching eggs toys, simply add the dot-sized beads to a container of water, and watch them magically expand. It will take several hours for the beads to reach their full size, though kids of all ages will enjoy checking on the beads as they soak. This kit, and water beads in general, work great for three years and up – once kids know not to eat the colorful gummy looking balls. My eight-year-old son loves water beads, and his ten-year-old sister also enjoys playing with them. 

Ultimate Water Beads Activity Kit from Target with scoop, tweezer scoop, two sizes of beads, activity cards, container, and more
Our activity set came with all these pieces.

My son can entertain himself with a single water bead, so I knew he’d love a set. He loves watching the water beads expand in water, and shrink back down when dry. He chose this water bead activity set from Target himself. Now he can’t get enough of touching the multiple beads, sorting them, picking them up with the included tools, and using the activity boards for even more options.

If you want a sensory toy that kids can really get their hands into, get your own water beads activity set today.

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